Thursday, December 31, 2009

In ten years I'm sure we've all done and had things happen to us that we'll never forget. I've been thinking of some of the stand outs in this decade of mine and thought I'd share my list. Here it is:

  • Lived in 5 states
  • 25 roommates
  • Moved 11 times
  • 3 jobs
  • Almost doubled my income since the start of decade
  • Owned 4 cars
  • 4 fender benders
  • 4 cruises
  • Visited 4 countries
  • Went to 21 states
  • 2 cross country road trips
  • 10 surgeries
  • Lost 30 lbs in 2 weeks. Gained it all back in 5 years
  • Found my style
  • Started wearing make up
  • Turned 30
  • Countless concerts
  • Went to prom
  • Went up a bra size
  • Performed in front of a few thousand people
  • 5 funerals
  • 2 banjos
  • Met all of my closest friends
  • Met my sister soul mate
  • Watched friend's hearts break
  • Watched friends fall in love
  • Held friends new borned babies
  • Found out God loves me no matter what
  • Felt the highest of highs and the lowest of lows
  • Never went to jail
  • Laughed all along the way

Here's to a new decade that will bring new adventures! CHEERS to you all!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Hangover

Yup this is about how we all feel. Tyler crashed early tonight and Sari and I just had to take this picture of him. It about sums it all up today.

More Christmas blogging to come later. As for now, it's bed time and I'm about ready to crash myself.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fun Back In Funeral

No one puts the "fun" back in funeral than my mom, Clarene... AKA Lurlene. This last Monday, my dear Aunt passed away. She was ready, and honestly this was a blessing. Even though losing a loved one is always difficult no matter what.

This past Thursday evening we all gathered at a funeral home in Rigby, Idaho. After viewing my Aunt's body and saying a few words to her immediate family, my mom and I sat down. We were talking to my mom's brother's about our Aunt's husband and the way her treated her over the course of 60 yrs when all of the sudden the power went out in the town.

Yup, the power went out in a funeral home while we were talking about our deceased loved one. It was pitch dark and I'm sure dead spirits were wondering around that place like they owned it. I'll be honest and say it was a bit creepy to be in total darkness in a funeral home. I leaned toward my mom and said "If her body is gone when the power comes back on, then we got ourselves a murder mystery dinner." Yeah, we were trying to make "light" of the situation.

Now here's the kicker. After everyone was using their cell phones to see 2" in front of them, mom and I decided to leave. But not before she says, "Let's go home. This party is DEAD."

Yup, Lurlene said the party was D-E-A-D, dead. I almost couldn't believe she said it, but you know what, she is Clarene. The woman who says anything to anyone, no matter where she is. Even her own sister's funeral.

Moral of the story is this. We put the "fun" back in funeral.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dreaming is Free

I'm back on the dream blog'n. Check it out if you have nothing else to do.

Friday, October 30, 2009


I now know why you should never EVER let employees dress up for Halloween. It gives people a reason to act like r-tards for the day. I know, I know, I'm guilty of it too. However, I did not dress up as Pee Wee Herman and go to every single person in the office offering them gum and prancing around the office like they're in day care. What's even worse is that this bastard won the costume contest.

And another thing, why do parents need to bring their kids into the office. Personally, I don't care if you think your kid is the cutest Grim reaper or Superman in the world and feel the need to share that with your co-workers. Also, why should I feel obligated to give them candy. OK, I'm done venting.

Even though Halloween at work can be annoying, it can also be fun to dress up, which is what I did. I didn't win anything, but I had fun anyway. Next year I'm dressing up as one of the Golden Girls!

#1st place pumpkinProfessional Ping Pong Player
Nickname: Striker!

Sarah let me borrow this shirt. It says "I'm kind of AWESOME at ping pong".

Janelle as Pippi Longstockings

Megan as an 80's business woman. Note the matching pumps. Thank you D.I.!

And thank you Halloween 2009 for a great time. Now I have one more costume to add to my costume box.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Marriage Day!

My parents just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Oct 25th. We planned a party for them and their 60 closest friends. Chris and I came home to put this all together. Carrie had to stay in MN, but she made some amazing invites and guest book. We had all of our 8mm film transferred to DVD and were able to surprise them with it at the party.

I must admit, when I picked up the film and watched it, I cried. It was so cool to see my parents walk out of the Idaho Falls temple as eternal companions and ready to start their lives together. I also realized that they were 2 kids who fell in love and wanted to share their lives together. For that, I am grateful for.

Gaylon & Clarene exiting the temple. (after Clarene tripped on the stairs and dad caught her)

I wanted to make some cool centerpieces, so I attempted to make paper picture lanterns

Me (Martha feak'n Steward) making lanterns

Coming together

The final work of art. (not so cool cause it was bright in the room, but you get the idea)

We dry cleaned mom's wedding dress and displayed it. Now, that was cool!

Their colors were black white and pink. (so hip for the time)

Family roasting the rents

40 yrs later and still HOT!

The family...minus Carrie. :(

It was a fun thing to throw together. I'm glad my bro suggested it. Since we have NEVER acknowledged their anniversary, EVER! It was nice to celebrate a big one for them. Like my mom says "who knows if we'll have a 41st, might as well celebrate the 40th".

Seriously, I'm so blessed to have the parents that I do. I love them so much. Looking through pictures, slides and movies during the past few months has been such a blessing for me. It's given me a chance to reflect on the great childhood that I had. I love my parents and am so glad they ahh.... did it so that they could bring 3 AMAZINGLY good looking kids into this world. I love them so much and am grateful for them every day. Congrats Gaylon and Clarene AKA Gaylord and Lurlene!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Behind. WHOOPS!!

I'm a bit behind in the blogging world. I'm waiting for most of the cool pictures so I can post it. BUT.... for my barfday weekend, Sarah, Rena and I went to Zion National Park. We camped, hiked, played cards and had so much fun! Here are some sneak peek pics. And yes, I went hiking and actually liked it. Just you wait for my Narrows pics. Their famazing!

Sari and I at the camp sight

Hiking blows!

But this is where we ended up at. Emerald Pools. Kinda worth it.

Stay tuned for more!